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2014-09-13 18:28:11 by Poopwardo

eat shit

SCP Foundation

2012-07-08 14:35:57 by Poopwardo

It's about a group of people who Secure, Contain & Protect items and living things that pocess abnormal qualities or dangerous abilities. Kind of like Warehouse 133. They all have very interesting reads. Lots of them are very scary. Check out these ones!

SCP 080
SCP 087
SCP 106
SCP 173
SCP 231
SCP 682

Sick remixes.

2012-01-20 20:48:08 by Poopwardo

Eminem & Linkin Park pY7Y&feature=related

B.O.B., Eminem, Hailey Williams & Deuce

Tell me what you think! :D

I like turtles.

2012-01-08 12:01:25 by Poopwardo

The subject says it all.